Welcome to Stily


At Stily, we are committed to the best quality care for your vehicle. With our experience, highly trained technicians, and network of global partners we have become the leader in the Saudi car care industry. We are industry professionals who are committed to meeting our customers needs.

Our Services
Protection, Privacy, and Beauty

Window Film 

We proudly offer customers both Carbon and Ceramic films that go through rigorous testing. And certified based on international standards of quality. With our trusted global partners, we offer the Saudi Arabia Kingdom the best window protection system.

Paint Protection Films

Are you like most people, and don’t want your car’s paint to ever change? If you want it to look the same as when you first bought it, you have to go with our Paint Protection Films.

Shiny and neat


We are experts in car detailing. We have more than 31 years of experience working the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With our market experience, we know exactly what our harsh weather conditions will do to your car.

The Ultimate Protection


Get the best protection for your car’s exterior with the best quality nano
ceramic protection. This will create a shell on the surface of your paint and
act as a shield.

Next level of luxury


We offer the best high-quality leather and fabric! Our materials are imported from different countries all over the world including America and Germany.