Bring back the perfect showroom shine to your car with the finest services applied by certified technicians. No matter which model car you own, our best-in-class services will make it look valuable as new.

Car Dealership

We all know the extra care given to a brand new vehicle, and the obsession to protect every aspect of it. That’s exactly where Ziebart complements your services to provide every new happy owner with our unique added value services.


As crucial business assets that go through tough journeys, corporate fleets have their own customized protection and care services at Ziebart. Our skilled teams are trained to handle a very wide variety of vehicles, including military, schools, municipalities, banks, etc. Get in touch with us to know more on how we can help you maintain your fleet in perfect condition.

Special Vehicles

Motorcycle, yacht or even corporate jet. No matter the project and no matter the need, we have the expertise to care for and protect the most valuable of assets.